26 July 2014

Es Regnet

It is raining in Ohio. It wasn't supposed to, but it is.

And one can't help thinking of that beautiful lyric, ascribed to Cocteau--can one?--so implausibly in German, which I quote, now, from memory:

Ich frage nichts;
Ich darf nicht fragen.
Denn du hast mir gesagt, Frage nicht.
Aber kaum, höre ich deinen Wagen,
Denke ich, Sagen, oder nicht sagen?
Er hat alles auf dem Gesicht.
Glaubst du denn daß nur der Mund spricht?
Augen sind wie Fensterglas.
Durch alle Fenster sieht man immer,
Schließt du die Augen ist es schlimmer.
Meine Augen hören etwas,
Etwas anderes meine Ohren.
Für Schmerzen bin ich denn geboren.
Laß mein Gesicht am Fenster, laß;
Die Sonne darf jetzt nicht mehr scheinen.
Es regnet, sagt das Fensterglas.
Es sagt nur was es denkt,
Laß uns zusammen weinen,
Zusammen weinen.

I ask nothing,
I may not ask.
For you have said to me, Ask not.
However, as soon as I hear your auto,
I think, Say or not to say?
He has everything on his face.
Do you believe that only the mouth speaks?
Eyes are like windowpanes.
Through windows one sees always,
Close the eyes and it's awful.
My eyes hear something,
Something other than my ears.
And so, I was born to suffer.
Let me lay my face against the window, let,
The sun must no longer shine, now.
It's raining, says the windowpane.
It only speaks what it thinks,
Let us weep together,
Weep together.

Es Regnet, translation ascribed to L. Steve Schmersal, on the fly, tonight, 26 July 2014.

07 July 2014

and and that that

and and that that

I circle you
in what is
my mind as
a child I

want you as
a child wants
one or two
or three or

Could there be
a more than three?
I wish as
a child wills
Yet I guess

I perhaps
went you where
dead in a
child's want so
much like one's

own death My
Tom Sawyer-
mind of their
your my weep-

ing for your
me you With
a short shared
pastness and
nothing shared

between No
only death and
love you me
and and that
that called life.

L. Steve Schmersal, and and that that, July 2014.