19 June 2016

My Problem

Hi. I wanted to explore some of my problems. This won't take up much of your time, but that is my problem.

My Problem

My problem isn't you, my problem is me.

I want you to listen for more then thirty seconds or 250 characters. That's MY problem.

My problem is that I want you to not get bored when it's not about you.

My problem is that I want you to enjoy nuance, difference, difficulty, and long sentences, inclusive of commas and semicolons.

My problem is that you fear the unfamiliar.

MY problem is that you neither know what you want nor have ever explored why you want it.

I don't care why you're overwhelmed by your job, my problem is that you are overwhelmed by the fact that you're overwhelmed by your job, don't have the tools to talk about it, and pretend that you are not and that you do.

My problem is that you are so afraid of the truth about your life that you cling to demonstrably absurd "truths" about your life that hurt and destroy others, daily, rather than consider any alternative.

These are my problems.

What are your problems?

18 June 2016

Ein Witzermärchen

Ein Witzermärchen

Nur ein Witzermärchen:
How does it go? Like an

Old riddle, cliche, or
Joke. The clown approaches

The kid with the balloon
And pops the balloon.

The child starts to weep. The
Clown laughs: the air is free!

L. Steve Schmersal, Ein Witzermärchen, June 2016