10 May 2013

Is Being Straight a Choice?

Is Being Straight a Choice?

Watching these straight people react to being asked a question that gay people have been asked forever is pretty delightful. If only more people were this empathetic and understanding...

Although the turnabout is fair play and productive, I have always felt that this is the wrong question. And it begins with the problem that it shouldn't matter whether one can literally choose one's object of desire or not. If I could somehow choose whom I desire or whom I love, would that authorize and legitimate the impingement of my human or civil rights? Romeo and Juliet answered this question when Elizabeth the First was still (and remained) the Virgin Queen of England, using the unending supply of gentleman callers cum foreign royal suitors as a tool of diplomacy. This question is a question suitable only for children.

09 May 2013

On Fathers 1

The Father is a structure; the Mother is a ground.

Imposed, as it were, from the outside, He is a scaffold in which a statue is being built in the image of another statue, a statute, the Law. And the Law is always the Law of No.

He is both a foundational structure and a boundary, a territory, and in this way His latticework is also a cage, a place in which you may climb up, but only so far and no further. In this way, He is a challenge and a test; a question and an answer; an answer to be questioned.