20 November 2015

I Stay, in Twos: for Eli

I Stay, in Twos
for Eli

I stay
At a

Friend's house
While he

Is out
Of town.

Doves cry

The win-

Dow, as
Though they

Were fuck-
Ing or

Each ot-

Her. It
Does not

Which, yes?

L. Steve Schmersal, I Stay, in Twos, November 2015

01 November 2015

That Time, That Time, in Six

That Time, That Time, in Six
by Calvé Shelmstress

It was that time. That time
When nothing made sense, when
Time was not time, that time
When time was no time. He
Brought a boyfriend upstate
To stay with an ex-boy-

Friend. It was that time just
After he'd found a job,
That time when he'd thought that
He, perhaps, had lost his
Mind. Brilliantly, he
Had not. "Who is he?" his

Ex had asked. "I don't know,"
He had replied. It was
That time, when walking down
The street, he would just cry,
For church bells ringing. Church
Bells. "Who is he?" his ex

Had asked. It didn't matter.
He had just needed some
One to hold at night, some
One warm and real enough.
He cried real tears when he
Wrote this. He cried real tears.

Calvé Shelmstress, That Time, That Time, in Six, 1979.