03 September 2014

On Kate Bush 2: You're the One

The BBC doc, Running Up that Hill, has made me relisten to some Late Bush.

As a serious fan of the woman, I must confess, The Red Shoes, Aerial, and Director's Cut did not receive a very fair listen from me when they came out. This was a mistake. This was a mistake that I have rectified over time. 

Aerial is a stupendous album that I am ashamed to have ever neglected. The Red Shoes has grown on me in ways I never expected. Director's Cut--which one friend dubbed "a crime against music" at the time, based primarily on the new version of "Deeper Understanding" (and, at the time, Reader, I didn't disagree), and which another friend defended powerfully, though he was troubled by 50 Words for Snow in ways I couldn't comprehend--is also a secret gem, especially the extended version. 

This case in point--Director's Cut is entirely a revisit to earlier material from The Sensual World and The Red Shoes (two albums that dovetail into each other all over the place)--with remasters and re-recordings of songs that were already well-known to me, and I didn't get it; I didn't understand the album. Leaving anything and everything else behind that one might want to say about the disc (or the 3 disc set, which is the definitive option), the remaster of "You're the One" is a staggering piece. With Gary Brooker nailing your mind and heart to the wall with the Hammond organ, in a rather Motown/Atlantic R and B fashion, actually--which in the remaster melts into the Trio Bulgarka, in this really extraordinary way--and the straightforward, prosaic, heart-rending, mind-bending lyrics and voice from Kate Bush, this song is a truly special thing. A wrenching, break-up song, with Bush screaming "SUGAR!" at the end.

I wept today, listening to it--I am unashamed to say--on the bus to visit an old friend. I had to hide my tears.

It's alright,
I'll come round
when you're
not in;
And I'll pick up
all my things.

I have,
I bought
with you.

But that's
alright, too.
It's just,
I do,
We did,
And there's
a little
In whatever.

I got everything
I need,
I got petrol
in the car.
I got some money
with me.
There's just
one problem:

You're the only one I want,
You're the only one I want;
You're the only one I want,
You're the only one I want.

It's alright,
I know
where I'm
goin'. I'm goin'
to stay
with my
Mmm, yes,
he's very

The only trouble is:
He's not
He can't do
what you
He can't
make me
an' cry, at
the same time.

change things.
danger it up.
crazy enough.
just can't take it.

You're the only one I want.
You're the only one I want.
You're the only one I want.
You're the only one I want.

I know
I'm goin', but
I don't
wanna leave.
I just
have one problem:

We're best friends,
We tied ourselves in
Doing cartwheels 'cross the
Just forget it, all

Running down!

"You're The One (Remastered)" is track #12 on disc 3 of Directors Cut (Collectors Edition). Music and lyrics by Kate Bush. The song features Jeff Beck on guitar, Gary Brooker on Hammond organ, and The Trio Bulgarka on backing vocals.

"You're The One" originally appeared as track #12 on the album The Red Shoes. Music and lyrics by Kate Bush.

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