08 September 2006

I Post Videos Sometimes

On a lighter note.

Kick-ass video from Enon: "Daughter in the House of Fools." It's been around a while but always brings me pleasure.

Solo, acoustic Polly Jean (my girlfriend) doing one of my favorite songs in 2001, "Rid of Me." She doesn't tear your face off like she does on the album, if anything, this offers a kinder, gentler "Don't you wish you never never met her."

Krazy Kate Bush (another GF) singing "Wuthering Heights" on Top of the Pops in 1978. Her facial expressions on this are awesome, proving once again that when you're a genius, you can do just about whatever you want.


bstewart said...

An ex of mine (male) does a dead-on Kate Bush Wuthering Heights, complete with wide-eyed gesticulations. It's entirely worth all the bourbon and pot and poppers you need to stuff into him beforehand.

Anonymous said...

OK, everything else you have written or posted it pure blather and trash . . . but POLLY . . .! Why did you let her go - did she hurt you bad?