14 February 2014

A 2014 St. Valiumtime's Day Manifesto

1. Kindness is for chumps.

2. Compassion is out of fashion and just makes you a mark for sharks.
It's like dumping blood into the ocean. It's like suicide.

3. Don't tell people you love them, it will only make them want to destroy you.

4. Nothing about this life is a meritocracy. If you're doing your best or trying your hardest, stop. The needed skill set is deceit; misdirection, as in blaming problems on others; pettiness; pathetic social skills, except for flattery; ruthlessness; venality; jealousy; friendlessness; insecurity; insensitivity to the pain, thoughts, or needs of others; oversensitivity about any perceived slight; and terror that someone will discover you're a fraud.

5. The ends will always justify the means. In fact if you're not overdoing something so that it causes harm to someone else, you're obviously doing something wrong.

6. The only things anyone will ever admire about you is how much money you make or how nice your apartment is.

7. People aren't people. Corporations are people.

8. Any real thought, argumentation, or nuance is perceived as an attack.

9. Science is nonsense. Especially when its data proves that harm, destruction, the seasons, and/or cancer are obstructing profit.

10. Religion, which is supposed to reveal the divine in the world and each other, which is supposed to make us better people, far from being the opiate of the masses, is the first resort of intolerance, hatred, fear of the unfamiliar, and war. It is the crystal meth of the masses.

Have a great day! :o)

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